3 Wreaths to Decorate Your Walls

 If you are looking for something to spruce up that gallery wall or perhaps you have a blank space you are itching to see something adorn, you may want to consider hanging a wreath. Wreaths are not only eye-catching but usually lightweight making it easy to hang damage free. At The English Garden, we are always creating new wreaths so we are bound to having something in shop that will fit your home’s aesthetic. Whether you like a more minimalist, neutral look or perhaps something colorful, we have it.

For the dreamer we have what we call our, Dreamer Wreath. When our florist, Katie, made this beauty I was immediately obsessed! Everything about it from the fluffy cotton resembling clouds, to the wispy pinkish-purple dried elements, all against a thin gold hoop, made it easy for me to name it. The Dreamer Wreath is a wreath created especially for the dreamers. I also think it would be absolutely perfect in a nursery to spark imagination and add a touch of whimsy.

This next wreath we call the California Wreath, but to tell you the truth I really wanted to call it the Big Sur Wreath because it reminds me so much of that area especially when the wildflowers are blooming. The California Wreath features marigolds that we purchased fresh and preserved ourselves. The base of the wreath is composed of a dark vine that is intricately woven in an imperfect circle. It frames the wildness of the floral composition giving the wreath an overall very natural appeal. I especially love the pairing of orange and yellow with the purple babies breath that seems to explode from the center. It’s truly a work of art and would look amazing on a gallery wall especially if you have any nature shots to accompany it. This is also the perfect gift for any nature lover or for anyone in need of a pick-me-up.

Shop the California Wreath here.

If you are looking for a neutral toned wreath, something that will stand out but without so much visual noise, then you may like our Pacific Wreath. This gold double hooped wreath reminded me so much of the ocean especially the Northern California coast that I had to name it as such. The Pacific Wreath embodies the hues and textures you may find on a stroll along the beach. Slightly whimsy, it features preserved Queen Anne’s lace that seems to flow from the reindeer moss grounding the prickly blue echinops like something you would find under the sea. The composition is slightly loose but more refined than some of our other wreaths making it ideal for a minimalist space.  

Shop the Pacific Wreath here

I hope one of these wreaths catches you eye and inspires you to add a wreath to your wall. All of our wreaths are handmade with every flower and non-floral element being handpicked from our wide preserved selection.

  • The TEG Team
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