Let's Celebrate The Persian New Year!

Every year at the start of the Spring Equinox a celebration begins known as Nowrouz, the Persian New Year. Translated in English as, “new day”, Norwouz symbolizes the rebirth of nature where winter ceases and spring and its abundance begins.

This special celebration lasts for approximately thirteen days and is celebrated with friends and family. It is as time when observers rekindle friendships, let go of the past, and set their best intentions for the New Year. While there are many activities that go on during these thirteen days in celebration of Nowrouz, one of the most iconic is perhaps the setup of the haftseen table.

The haftseen table is a table spread that is laid out with seven types of items each representing something. The number is seven because it is considered to be a lucky number. From these seven types of items, a few of them may be items such as eggs symbolizing fertility, a mirror symbolizing reflection, flowers as a nod to Earth’s healing, and more. It’s should be no surprise that Iran has some of the most beautiful gardens thanks to their fertile soil and the people’s love of flowers. Some notable flowers that are especially used during Nowrouz are daffodils, stock, hyacinth, and tulips.

One of the main points of Nowrouz is its ties to healing and rebirth. There has perhaps never been a better time for that than now, so to help you celebrate we’ve created new arrangements just in time for Nowrouz.

Find arrangments celebrating Nowrouz in our store!

For Optimism

For enthusiastic and optimistic thoughts for the New Year, we created the arrangement Clarabelle. Featuring bright yellow daffodils and billy balls, along with lavender hue flowers, Clarabelle is a welcome addition for spring.

If you are looking for a burst of an all yellow palette, then Golden Afternoon will catch your eye. Golden Afternoon features yellow roses, daisies, tulips, and stock. 

For Humility

The arrangement Nowrouz, named after the holiday itself, features some of our favorite spring flowers such as icelandic poppies which come in a variety of colors such as vibrant orange. Orange is said to be the color for humility in Persian culture. Nowrouz is a lovely arrangement to celebrate the rebirth of nature especially with its wood like container reminiscent of a forest in springtime.

For Introspection

Purple is thought to be the color that best reflects wisdom, peace, and introspection. Often at the start of a new year, one reflects on the previous year and we hope that as you do this you feel a sense of peace. As chaotic as the world may be, we hope that an arrangement such as our California Dreamin’ will instill a sense of calm.

For Self-Care

Pink is commonly associated with various meanings, but a less known one is the act of nurturing. In our Blossom arrangement you will find an array of light pink blooms creating a sophisticated and harmonious palette. Self-care is often overlooked in our everyday lives, but we believe in the importance of it. Blossom is the perfect arrangement to send yourself for a little self-love. 

However you choose to celebrate, we wish everyone a peaceful, wonderful year! 

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