3 Favorite Spring Time Flowers


Hailing from central Asia where they grew wild among the landscape, tulips eventually found their way to Holland where they became such a favorite that the term “tulipmania” was eventually coined. This described the pure craze and love for the flower that eventually found its way into the captivation of the world. Today, Holland is the world’s leading exporter of tulips with exporting somewhere around 2 billion tulips annually that it’s become famous for their vast fields of tulips. One of the most frequently used tulips happens to be the Dutch tulip which is what you will see in many of our arrangements this time of year.

There are also the double tulips which bloom with double petals and take on a very full appearance similar to that of a rose, as well as the parrot tulip which features feathered petals that are reminiscent to a bird’s wings.

Tulips hold varying meanings depending on the color, however, they are generally thought to represent new beginnings. This probably has to do with their growing pattern of blossoming in spring which we all know to be associated with rebirth which makes them fitting for arrangements to celebrate a new job, new home, or really any new venture. 



Ranunculus are perhaps one of our favorite spring flowers for their vibrant, bold colors which add a major pop to any arrangement and look lovely in springtime wedding bouquets. They are among our most requested flowers for everyday arrangements and weddings for good reason. Their long curvy stems allow them to poke out of arrangements for a loose, wild look or they can be cut back for a more refined arrangement.

However, we prefer them when they are allowed to be loose and whimsical such as in our You’re So Golden arrangement where hot pink ranunculus pop out from among a lush palette of soft pink and lavender. They add interest and dimension while not being overwhelming and adding just the right touch of color and flair.

Among their more common colors are specific meanings such as pink for love and admiration, orange for energy and to uplift, red for romance, and yellow for congratulatory sentiments. No matter the color, there is no denying the pure joy and springtime vibes ranunculus seem to exude which makes them perfect for nearly any occasion.



Whether you refer to these lovelies as feverfew or chamomile, this springtime filler flower is popular among anyone looking for a touch of playfulness in their flowers. Their tiny daisy features with their bright yellow centers and minute white petals are charming and eye catching.  

Traditionally, chamomile was used as a fever reducer and to treat inflammation. You may even have a box of chamomile tea somewhere in your kitchen as this has been a popular tea even today.

We love adding feverfew to any arrangement or bouquet that calls for a touch of whimsy. We especially love it in contrast with larger blooms such as in the Golden Afternoon arrangement where the feverfew seems to peek from behind larger blooms as if saying hello. It’s a cheerful way to boost an arrangement for occasions such as a baby shower, birthday, or even to wish someone a speedy recovery.


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