Behind The Flowers | From Inspiration to Creation | Fall Edition 2021

Inspiration can come from anywhere and it often takes root when you least expect it. I wanted to share the process that goes on behind the scenes that so few get to see because it should go without saying that flower arranging is a creative process. It's a process that takes creativity and sourcing the right flowers for the time of year to ensure that every arrangement accurately reflects it's season. Today I will take you, our awesome customer, behind the flowers. 

Persian rugs such as the one above can come in a multitude of patterns and colors. They were originally created to bring a bit of nature indoors. I was so inspired by the colors and overall aesthetic of this carpet that I knew I had to create something inspired by it. Evermore is the product of this stroke of inspiration. 

Like the carpet, I kept a warm orangey tone by using coral dahlias, peach lisianthus, coral amaranthus, and Kahala roses. The carpet has these intense red designs that are placed here and there, so I used red spray roses to do the same. Already I was getting the lovely warm, almost burnt colors like the carpet but I still needed something else. In came the blue delphiniums.

The delphiniums come in such a rich blue that I knew it was the perfect choice to compliment the orange tones of the arrangement. Finally, I added some extras such as tweedia and bupleurum for added intricacy.  

Next up and my personal favorite is the Tree of Life arrangement inspired by the carpet by the same name. 

Blue and red are the main colors on this carpet. The pops of yellow and orange are seen throughout the rug enriching the already bold reds and taking the blue to the next level. 

For this arrangement, I added fresh pomegranate for a unique taste. I thought what better way to represent life than with some fruit along with the flowers? Brown cymbidiums add a neutral warm tone while turquoise bunny tails add a fun pop of color. I added thistle for texture and cymbidium orchids for an additional neutral tone. 


Last, but not least! Malibu Sunset is one of my ultimate favorites from this collection. The warm tones remind me so much of this time of year and frankly, it's a nice break from some of the cooler tones I had been working on. 

For this arrangement, I knew I wanted to use brown chrysanthemums to complement the intenesly bright tulips. I added a dried mushroom for an interesting texture and explosion grass to really draw the eye. Lastly, yellow roses make an appearance to add that classic sunshine color. 

As you can see, my process begins with inspirational pictures, followed by my sketchbook, then finally playing around with the flowers. I trust my intuition to guide me through the creative process. If I like the way something looks I ask myself what can make it even better? Each arrangement is a work of art to me and I am always so happy when it ends up in someone's hands. 

I hope you enjoyed this peek at my creative process and that you will enjoy the fall pieces as much as I enjoy creating them. 

- Ooldouz 


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