Birthday Flowers For The Leo Sign

Leos, souls who are born in the midst of warm summer months and are governed by the sun, are vivacious characters. Attributes they may possess are fierce loyalty, optimism, courage, and louder-than-life personality. Whether or not you personally believe in the zodiac, it can be fun to see how much of it rings true.


Leo Birth Flower According To The Zodiac

According to the zodiac, each sign has flowers that especially pertain to them. For leos it's not surprising that their flowers are some of the grandest and expressive flowers in the natural world. Flowers that pertain to this particular sign include dahlias, marigolds, and sunflowers. If you happen to be searching for that perfect flower to gift the leo in your life, we have you covered with arrangement styles that we've made featuring these special blooms. The English Garden has served many clients in Los Angeles using these Leo florals!


1. Dahlias: The Perfect Flower For Leo

Take a look at the dahlia in the photo just above this text and what do you see? A flower that is almost too bright for the eye with a fiery center resembling Nasa's close-up image of the sun. You can say its bold and fiery, very much like a leo. 

Dahlias were once grown by the Aztecs for consumption and medicinal reasons, as well as, in ceremonies that included honoring their sun god. Today they are primarily grown for decorative use such as in floral arrangements. We consider them a premium flower not just because of their higher cost when compared to other flowers, but because they have such a huge presence.

Like a leo, dahlias can't help but stand out bold among other flowers. They come in a variety of types from the ball (pictured below) to the dinner plate dahlia (pictured above). Their unique appearances especially if we're talking about the larger variety, make them an easy main flower for many of our arrangements. 

The pictured Encanto arrangement for example, features ball dahlias in a deep yet vibrant purple. The arrangement is bold and colorful much like a leo's personality and its overall cheerful composition makes it a great gift to land on a leo's doorstep.  


2. Marigolds: Bright Orange Zodiac Flower

Marigolds are another flower that belongs to the leo zodiac. Characterized by the bright colors they come in ranging from red, yellow, and the classic orange marigold, these blooms are hard to miss. 

The color orange is associated with energy which is why you may find this color splashed across a gym, and it's fitting since marigolds symbolize creativity and passion. Leos are said to be the type of people who see possibilities in the face of obstacles. While they can be passionate at the best of times, at their worst they can be stubborn. This stubbornness, fueled by passion and ferocity, is especially helpful when up against odds. 

Marigolds are hardy flowers that are both long-lasting and still retain their fiery color when dried. They instantly add zest to any arrangement and like dahlias have ruffly heads that are hard to ignore. They make an ideal birthday flower for a leo because of their longevity and burst of character that is both charming and energetic, much like a leo. 

For an arrangement featuring marigolds that is just as fun as your leo, our clients have found the perfect gift in our Groovy Gorgeous arrangement which is a punch of fun and good vibes.  


3. Sunflowers: The Spirit Of Leo Birth Flower

If you're looking for a classic summer flower that is not only joyous but larger than the rest, then the sunflower is what you have in mind. The sunflower matches a leo's larger-than-life personality and flair along with a classic sunny appearance. 

Sunflowers symbolize the spirit of optimism and above all, happiness. Their faces say it all with their large centers and rows of bright yellow petals. When planted they will grow to such heights that they'll eventually tower over the rest of the garden. They aren't afraid to shine and have attention on them which is supposedly very much like a leo. Still, sunflowers bring good vibes to any garden and arrangement so why not share that with your leo? 

The Summer Crush arrangement features sunflowers as the star of the show along with lovely green hydrangea that is nearly the color of the leo sign's stone, peridot. To add to the sunny disposition of the Summer Crush arrangement is the presence of feverfew poking through the much larger flowers. With so many sunny vibes what could be better for a leo's birthday? 


Three Beautiful Blooms For Leo

We've loved covering these three versatile flowers for the Leo sign! They're a great match, and make for some beautiful arrangements. Stay tuned to our blog for more birth flowers for all signs in the zodiac. And of course, if you're in Los Angeles, check out our fresh flower collections the next time you need the perfect gift.


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