Low-Water Tolerant Plants for Summer

Prickly to the flowering type, we have a variety of indoor houseplants that are easy going just as summer should be. As temperatures rise and water scarcity becomes an ever increasing worry, we've been seeing more clients asking for low maintenance and low thirst houseplants. That being said, all plants need a decent dose of watering from time to time, however, these are a list of plants we sell that won't mind fewer waterings. 


If you're dreaming of those long summer days by the pool but are stuck at home due to whatever reason, you can bring the essence of summer into your space with our Palm Springs potted plant arrangement.

Two of some of the easiest types of plants are potted here including aloe vera and cacti. Most notably is the bright pink cactus pictured above which is known as a moon cactus. These beauties come in a wide variety of fun colors from yellow, orange, and bright red, to a dazzling mix of colors such as sherbert where orange, yellow, and a touch of red are all present on the same head. 

Moon cacti are easy to care for and are actually some of the most chill cacti you'll come across for indoor plants. Like many cacti, they are best kept when their soil is allowed to dry well between waterings. As far as sunlight goes, they prefer indirect versus direct like some other cacti. Direct sunlight will actually cause a moon cactus to lose the vibrancy in its colorful head. The colorful moon cactus adds an accent of color and pairs wonderfully with the other cactus and aloe vera. 

Each Palm Springs arrangement features a different secondary cactus based on availability, however, we've never seen a cactus we didn't like. Cacti are known to be drought tolerant and warm weather lovers making them perfect for these hot summer days. 

We named this arrangement Palm Springs because it reminded us of the colorful, whimsical desert vibes Palm Springs is known for. The polka dot container is a matte ceramic container with a rough texture and metallic gold polka-dots like the kind you'd find on a fun swimsuit. Finally, white rocks top the potted arrangement giving it a clean look. 

When it comes to caring for this arrangement as a whole, we recommend watering once every two weeks in the warmer months allowing the soil to dry out completely. Don't worry about the aloe vera, this guy is also very low water tolerant and will be fine without frequent waterings and actually prefers the same watering schedule of the cacti anyway. 

Here is an overview shot of our Desert Dreamers trio, a collection of moon cacti with succulents potted in white ceramic containers. They may look small but each measure roughly 9 by 5 inches making them perfect for gifting individually or as a set. Each is priced at $40 but only $115 if you buy three. 



Pothos plants are some of the easiest, most low maintenance plants you will come across. They tend to grow downward making them great for placing on a shelf, in a macrame hanging basket, and they can survive soilless in a water filled container requiring a top off every few months or so.

Some of our favorite pothos for summer include the Lime Green Pothos because the color is so bright and fun making it a great summer addition. Water once every 2-3 weeks allowing the soil to dry out otherwise root rot may take hold. This pothos like all the others also do well in bright and medium indirect light, but are also tolerant in low light. 

Like the rest of our plant collection, it is available for same-day delivery. 


Finally, among our easy plants are succulents. Like cacti, these little guys can thrive without their soil needing to be moist, as a matter of fact, they like their soil drying out between waterings. They make great houseplants because they are tolerant of nearly all light levels except for direct light, and they are small making them ideal for many spaces.

Among our succulent collection, we have large potted succulent arrangements such as the Stone Succulent Bowl, to smaller succulent arrangements like the Succulent Trio Bowl which is pictured above.

As a reminder, we offer same-day delivery if orders are placed before 3pm. We offer local delivery to cities such as Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, Oak Park, Calabasas, and Newbury Park, just to name a few, for just $19.99. Our radius extends from parts of Los Angeles such as Hollywood and Studio City, all the way to Ventura for $60. As always, we welcome calls so that we may answer any questions you may have.

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