How to Care for a Cactus

Cacti are perhaps the most chill and easiest of plants to care for. Whether or not you are an experienced plant owner, you'll find that these low-maintenance prickly plants are quite hardy. 

These desert dwellers are used to surviving under intense heat, drought, and are happiest when left alone. They don't require regular pruning or misting like our tropical friends, making them ideal for anyone low on time. However, they do require some care to keep them happy so with a few tips you'll soon be the proud owner of a thriving cactus. 

Ensure Your Cactus Gets Enough Light 

It's no surprise that cacti love the sun since they are usually found in places where direct sun and heat go hand in hand. A cactus without proper sunlight will start to bend towards a light source in an attempt to reach the sun and may grow tiny, weak shoots. 

We recommend placing your cactus in a bright and sunny, preferably warm part of your house. Cacti are tolerable to lower light conditions but they grow much slower and won't flower, but if you can we suggest placing your cactus outside during the warmer months. With the right amount of watering and care, you may see your cactus flower which is such a treat! 

If you notice that your cactus starting to turn brown or orange, this means that the sun may be too intense. To remedy this you will want to take your cactus out of its current spot and place it somewhere a little less bright and intense. It may just need to be eased into the brightness but don't worry as this is normal in some cacti. 

How Much Should You Water Your Cactus? 

Typically cacti don't require as much water as other plants, however, this doesn't mean they should be neglected from watering for long. Without proper watering your cactus may start to droop and eventually shrivel up, but overwater it and root rot will develop. Finding how much to water your cactus is a matter of being patient to see what your cactus takes the best to. 

Rule of thumb, give your cactus less water than you think is needed. It's better to underwater your cactus than overwater and it will be easier to nurture an underwatered cactus back to health than reverse root rot. I like to give my cactus just a tad bit of water at first somewhere around a quarter cup just to start until I get a feel of how much water it will need.

If your cactus is in a sunnier spot its okay to water more frequently especially in the summer months. We recommend watering no more than once weekly and always checking if the soil is completely dry before doing so. To do this you simply stick your finger a little way into the soil and feel for moisture. You may also purchase a soil moisture meter which you simply stick into the soil and read the meter. 

Something else you may want to invest in is liquid plant food specifically designed for cacti. You can purchase this at your local Home Depot, Lowes, Green Thumb, etc. Half a pump is recommended for smaller cacti while a full pump is better for larger plants. I've firsthand seen how my cacti have benefited from incorporating plant food along with their regular care and have been rewarded by my cacti sprouting flowers. 

In the winter months your cactus will enter a state of dormancy and will require less frequent watering. During these colder months its important to space out watering from anywhere around once or twice a month, but again be careful to closely monitor that you don't overwater. Also be sure to bring in any cacti you placed outside during the warm months. 

Best Cacti Ready for Same-Day Delivery 

While we are known for our floral arrangements, we also sell a wide variety of indoor houseplants including cacti. We offer same-day delivery and shop pick-up making it easy to get your new green friend. Here are some of our favorite potted cacti arrangements we offer. 

The heart cactus, also known as the hoya heart succulent, is a thornless heart shaped cactus with a smooth surface. Ours comes planted in a ribbed pot, topped with white rocks, and we even add dried flowers such as strawflower and babies breath. Its a great size for a desk and shelf. 

If you want something truly reminiscent of the desert, then the Desert Song, our ode to the desert, is perfect. An assortment of several cacti are planted in a shallow, oblong white container and topped with sand for a true desert feel. Its the perfect size plant arrangement for a statement piece in the home. 

We named this plant arrangement after our favorite oasis in the desert, Palm Springs. We potted two cacti, one being a moon cactus, also known as a ruby ball, this one being a hot pink though we have many other colors. The Palm Springs has a fun summer vibe with this polka dotted container and we especially love the addition of the aloe plant. This arrangement makes a fantastic birthday gift that will be easy to care for and can be enjoyed well past summer. 

A modern spin on our desert dweller friends, the Industrial Cactus is planted in a modern cement gray container and topped with white rocks for a clean look. They are small in size making them ideal for a desk, shelf, window sill, etc. 

Have some time? Come by and step into our shop to see our full collection of cacti. We can even pot the one of your choosing within minutes so you'll have a ready-to-go potted cactus for your home or gifting. 

We offer same-day delivery as well to cities such as Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Calabasas, Moorpark, Malibu, Simi Valley, Oxnard, Ventura, Camarillo, and more. 

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