Mother's Day Flower Arrangement Guide

No matter who you’re celebrating this mother’s day – your mother, partner, sister, friend, grandmother, aunt, etc. there’s perhaps no better way to show your appreciation than through flowers. Flowers can be vibrant or muted, fragrant or not, and they can be arranged in nearly any aesthetic you wish making them the perfect, natural gift for Mother’s Day.

This Mother’s Day we have curated a collection of some of our favorite arrangements, plus some new ones for your pre-orders. However, while each arrangement is uniquely beautiful, certain flowers can lend a hand in adding extra meaning.


Flowers for the New Mom

For the new mom who has just started their journey into motherhood, the You’re My Sunshine arrangement is fitting. This arrangement features a vibrant palette of purple and yellow and its name is derived from the playful billy balls resembling miniature suns. The arrangement comes in a cylindrical vase with a subtle speckled appearance and is a neutral shade that won’t take away from the flowers.

Besides the arrangements cheerful composition, what makes this especially fitting for a new mother is the inclusion of daffodils in the arrangement. Daffodils are said to symbolize new beginnings so what better way than to celebrate a new mom in their first Mother’s Day.


Something for Mom

Say thank you to your mom with the Golden Afternoon arrangement featuring a predominantly yellow palette. Fresh flowers such as daisies, tulips, stock, and roses have been lovingly arranged in a loose, organic style. Daisies which represent pure joy, poke out from among the larger blooms giving a wildflower feel. You can’t help but smile when taking in the natural beauty of these flowers that are reminiscent of childhood joy and innocence.


Something to Remember and Honor

Among the different meanings for delphiniums, these bell shaped darlings also symbolize remembrance for those who have passed. Our With Love arrangement features blue delphiniums among a palette of pink Lisianthus, pale pink roses, and burgundy snapdragons. The height of the arrangement and the fact that it’s not too wide makes it easily placed nearly anywhere. It’s a lovely arrangement that is both soft and bold perfect for honoring a mother who has passed.


Something with a Romantic Flair

The Awakening arrangement is perhaps one of our most romantic arrangements. Named after awakening from true love’s kiss, this blush toned arrangement is ideal for a spouse. Featuring fresh premium flowers such as hellebore, tulips, roses, and more, Awakening is a stunning premium arrangement.

What makes this arrangement have a romantic flair are the tulips which are said to symbolize a perfect love. They are also a joy to watch open and are the epitome of springtime.

If you wish for us to create something completely unique, we will be happy to take your Designer’s Choice order. With a Designer’s Choice arrangement you can completely leave it up to us and you may also input any requests such as aesthetic, color palette, favorite flowers, etc.  

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