Plants You'll Love For Your Home

Besides flowers we love working with plants and seeing them go off with happy clients. Simply being in the shop surrounded by our own indoor jungle brings so much life and energy to the shop. Below are three of our most favorite plants that we think would look great in your home!

If you are looking for something low maintenance that won’t mind low light, then you should consider the aglaonema silver bay plant. This one that is currently in our shop measures somewhere around 23 inches tall by 27 inches wide making it on the larger side but not so large that it takes up too much space. The plant has been potted then sat inside this vintage woven basket for a bohemian feel.

As far as care goes, the silver bay is generally happy with any amount of light except for direct light and anywhere where the sun will hit too harshly. If kept in a too bright location the leaves will begin to scorch and it may dehydrate. Dehydration is pretty easy to spot in this plant since the leaves will go from perky to very droopy. We like to recommend watering once a week and allowing for the soil to dry in between weekly watering.

Since the plant isn’t too big and is quite lush, it would look splendid in a room where you want that touch of jungle without going overboard and sacrificing space. I could totally see this beauty going in a bedroom corner for a touch of subtle color and some zen, or even in a nook where one can sip tea and curl up with a book. Wherever you place this guy, he’s a stunner!


For something modern and sleek we have you covered. The indoor coconut palm requires more attention than the others mentioned here, but if taken care of it adds a splash of beachy vibes.

Long and sleek green leaves shoot upward from the base which is a large gray trunk. Not only is this vastly different from most indoor houseplants, but size wise you won’t be missing out on much real estate in your space.

The one we have in shop measures 51 inches high but only a foot wide. It would look great in a sunny corner of a room or even on a balcony or patio since direct light doesn’t faze it. As a matter of fact, this is one plant that is a true sun lover that needs bright light and won’t do well in lower light conditions. It also likes its soil to be kept moist so daily checkups are important.


If you want those tropical vibes but don’t have the brightest space to work with, then last but certainly not least, is our beloved monstera plant. We’ve had this one in our shop for a little while now while it waits for its new plant parent and in the meantime its been flourishing. We’ve seen a handful of new leaves unwind with their characteristic cut patterns. It’s always such a joy to watch it grow and spread out. For this reason it would look superb in a room with minimal décor and with plenty of room to grow.

Ideally the monstera prefers a bright to medium indirect light source, but I personally have one at home in lower light and its been doing great. One would just have to curb its watering to ensure that its not overwatered which can cause root rot.

Its stone container is a subtle piece against any interior aesthetic leaving all the attention to be had on its iconic leaves which sprawl out in all angles making for a 360 view. For this reason it could do well in an entrance or any larger space to balance out negative space and bring some warmth to an otherwise sterile room. 


If you are interested in viewing other plants be sure to check out our plant collection page here and sign up to our newsletter to be notified when we get new plants in shop.

- The TEG Team

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