Prickly & Peculiar Plants

We've hunted down four of the most peculiar, odd looking plants for this Halloween. From the spotted begonia to the prickly cactus, below you will find our funkiest plants to adorn your space. Bring a little weird to your home or office. 

1. Beaucarnea Recurvata 

With its long, narrow, dangling leaves that grow wildly outward, the beaucarnea recurvata plant is utterly unique. This slow growing plant is easy to care for and does well in a bright location but can tolerate shade.  

2. Spotted Begonia

Perhaps one of our favorites in the shop is this spotted begonia. It's leaves are wing shaped and feature silvery-white spots all over the top and a deep red under side. The spotted begonia does well with an experienced plant owner but is not a difficult plant to care for. With attention and correct care it will thrive.

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3. Trio of Curious Cactuses 

Prickly and oddly shaped, this set of cactuses remind us of monsters. Cactuses such as these are very easy to care for and take up little space so they can go pretty much anywhere. You can keep all three for yourself or split them up and gift them. Whether together or apart these monsterous little guys are freakishly adorable! 


4. Peperomia Rosso 

Our last freaky plant is this peperomia rosso which features odd spike-like elements that point upwards at different angles. Its not difficult to care for and a great size for something conversaton worthy but that won't take up too much space.  

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We hope we inspired some spooky vibes and that one of our unique plants caught your eye. We always have new plants showing up in the shop so don't forget to sign up to our mailing list to be the first to know when something new is in. 

- Happy Scaring Season, 

The TEG Team 

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