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One of the hardest times in anyone's life is the passing of a loved one. It can feel devastating whether it was sudden or expected, so in such times its a comfort to receive flowers as a reminder that the grieving are not alone. 

Perhaps you are looking to send flowers to someone who just lost a friend or family member, or maybe you need flowers for the service. Whatever it is you are looking for, you are right in considering flowers for such a difficult time. 

Why do we send flowers when someone passes away? This custom has been around for a long time and while anyone may have their own personal reasons for sending flowers, the most common sentiment is one of condolences and comfort. Sending flowers whether in memory for the deceased or to the family, is a beautiful way of expressing your support without saying anything. Nature speaks for itself and its been proven that flowers bring feelings of peace. 

Popular sympathy flowers include roses, hydrangea, lisianthus, and even orchids, and the tradition is to have them in white. However, we have found that ever since the pandemic we have been getting more requests for colorful, vibrant sympathy flowers. Many clients have expressed that they want to remind the person of the joy that was the deceased rather than focusing on the loss. 

Flowers for Funerals and Memorials 

The rise in requests for colorful flowers led us to create the Colorful Casket Spray. Originally created for a client whose father loved vibrant flowers, we created the spray to be a burst of color with some tropical leaves and flowers added in.

Flowers included cosmos, roses, orchids, delphiniums, calla lilies, and a touch of orange with pincushion proteas. It was important to us that we create something that really reflected what the client's father liked, so as always, we asked questions to get a feel of what he would have wanted. 

Ordering flowers for someone can be such an intimate experience because there's usually so much thought that goes into picking the right arrangement, flowers, color palette, etc. It ultimately all revolves around remembering what the person was like. The right arrangement should capture what the person's vibe was whether thats with bright, happy colors or a muted and more modern twist. 

Among the choices for flowers in our Sympathy & Memorial Collection, we also have the traditional all white casket spray that can be customized to feature color. Among the flowers featured are orchids and roses, however, the rest will depend on the season and what is available. 

For both our casket spray options, we have the option of ordering a spray with flowers on all four sides or a spray with flowers only on three sides. This is because oftentimes no one sees the back of the spray, therefore, for a more budget friendly option we can focus on three visible sides. The same applies if the spray will be going in front of a podium on the floor or on a stand. 

Sympathy Flower Arrangements to Send 

As mentioned before, sending flowers is a touching way to express your condolences and support without worrying about saying the right thing. This gesture can go a long way in comforting the bereaved which is why sending sympathy flower arrangements is so popular. There is something soothing about the presence of flowers, like a reminder that all things are temporary yet can still be beautiful. 

Our sympathy arrangements start at $75 such as with our Sympathy Designer's Choice which is a great option if you want to send something truly unique. While many of our gorgeous arrangements such as Golden Oak, Serenity, and Halcyon are created as replicas for reach order, a designer's choice follows no recipe and is entirely custom. 

The image below is an example of a Sympathy Designer's Choice arrangement that had a budget of $175, so we packed it with lots of extra touches and upgraded the container to a premium one. Although the size of the arrangement is not indicative of the amount of support you are giving. Even something on a lower budget such as $75 that comes in glass can be just as beautiful. 

An in between budget that offers lots of beautiful blooms and an upgraded container is the Golden Oak arrangement that is popular for sympathies. This one features muted tones of blue and pink along with pampas grass for a neutral tone. Green hydrangea is added for a touch of zen further making the Golden Oak a great choice for sympathy flowers.

For an all white color palette featuring orchids, the Serenity is a lovely choice to send and comes in a glass vase that complements the simple, zen feel the Serenity arrangement has. Priced at $155 for the original size which is what is seen below, the Serenity also has two upgraded versions, the Superior priced at $205 and the Exceptional at $280. These versions include more of these gorgeous white flowers such as roses and chrysanthemums, and the Exceptional also comes in a larger glass vase.

Regardless of what arrangement or color palette you choose, we always strive to create the most uniquely beautiful arrangements that best honor your loved ones. We offer local delivery to cities such as Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, Oak Park, Calabasas, and Newbury Park, just to name a few, for just $19.99. Our radius extends from parts of Los Angeles such as Hollywood and Studio City, all the way to Ventura for $60. We can accommodate same day delivery if your order is placed before 3 pm. As always, we welcome calls so that we may answer any questions you may have. 

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