Why You Need Flowers for Thanksgiving

If you've never thought about getting flowers for Thanksgiving, we encourage you to consider adding flowers to your decor. Having a centerpiece especially is highly encouraged. After all, so much of Thanksgiving is spent sharing a meal with your family and/or friends, so why not have something as beautiful as flowers at the center of your table?

While all flowers are beautiful, some flowers hold a special meaning that resonates with Thanksgiving. Just like roses are the standard flower for Valentine's Day, certain flowers such as chrysanthemums are popular for Thanksgiving due to their autumnal colors and their meaning of friendship and well-being.

Some popular Thanksgiving flowers and their meaning are the following:

  1. Yellow Roses - Friendship
  2. Orange Marigolds - Optimism
  3. Chrysanthemums - Friendship & Well-Being
  4. Lisianthus - Appreciation & Gratitude
  5. Delphinium - Goodwill

Others that are topping our list this year, though they are not traditional Thanksgiving flowers are cockscomb and scabiosa. Cockscomb or celosia symbolizes affection and they're utterly unique in appearance. Fuzzy to the touch and usually bright in color, cockscomb appears almost unreal. Scabiosa which symbolize love, are those little blooms that you often see shooting out of arrangements with a whimsical flair.

Whether you're having a lot of loved ones at your table this year or a smaller affair, here are some quick tips to ensure you are getting the right size centerpiece.

For smaller tables of four guests, we recommend either three bud vases or one smaller arrangement such as the More the Merrier in the single option. This arrangement comes in a square white ceramic container making it appropriate for a smaller table without taking up too much room.

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For a medium size table of six guests, a rectangular centerpiece such as the Harvest Wishes in the original size of 16" x 12" will work just fine. Light green lisianthus and french marigolds stick out of the arrangement just a bit to add that garden charm. Be Merry, another similar size arrangement is another option if you fancy a subtle Christmas palette.

For larger tables of eight, one option is to have bud vases scattered down the table. We recommend at least seven bud vases for this size table. Finish off your tablescape with candles and you're all set. If bud vases aren't your thing, we recommend going with the upgraded versions of either Be Merry or Harvest Wishes.

If you're not hosting this year but need a hostess gift, of course, any of the arrangements already mentioned would be a great fit. However, if you're traveling far and don't want to worry about transporting fresh flowers, a great option is the Fall Time Succulents and Cymbidiums.

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This succulent arrangement includes three fresh cymbidium orchids that are water tubed while the rest of the arrangement from the succulents to dried elements are potted in soil. Dried elements such as leaves and pampas grass, among others, evoke the feeling of fall. The best part of this arrangement is that unlike the others mentioned, it will last well into the new year since it's made mainly of succulents and dried elements. The cymbidiums will last for a couple of weeks before needing to be removed which is as easy as simply pulling them out.

Other notable centerpiece ideas are the Enchanted Holiday which is a Thanksgiving spin on our popular Enchanted arrangement. The Enchanted Holiday is a designer's choice arrangement where the types of flowers will vary, however, it will still have a fall aesthetic. This arrangement comes in three different sizes making it easy to find a suitable size for your table. 

Looking for a circular floral centerpiece? The Golden Oak with pampas grass and fresh flowers such as roses, hydrangea, and delphiniums is great for a medium size table. 

While it's easy to overlook the need for flowers on perhaps one of the busiest holidays, it makes sense when you are already investing so much time into making the perfect feast. Why not treat your loved ones to the special treat of flowers at the table?

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