Top New Year Plants

As we begin another year post pandemic and the world around us gradually picks up its pace again, there is perhaps no better time to look towards new beginnings than now. I find that nothing symbolizes this better than plants do. Their ability to push up through the earth and grow even in times when the rest of the world is in a standstill, is what makes them so uniquely beautiful. Below you will find three plants that we think are just perfect for welcoming new beginnings.


The Chinese Money Plant

You may have seen the Chinese money plant in editorial spreads for its unique appearance which make it popular for home decor, but did you know that it can send good financial vibes? It’s believed that since the circular shaped leaves are reminiscent of coins this rare plant will help flow good fortune to whomever owns it.

Even better, you do not have to be an experienced plant to grow a Chinese money plant. It is a low maintenance plant that works well in moderate to bright indirect light. In case of thirst, its leaves start to fall, which is a good sign that it is time to water. 


The Calathea plant

This type of plant is a symbol of new beginnings and is often given to someone when starting a new job or starting a new job. Many consider Calathea to be a truly unique plant because of its patterned and often bizarre appearance, and it is the leaves that use the proverb "turn a new leaf". You will notice that the leaves of Calatia rotate when the sun sets and its symbol is a common phrase.

If there is one room in the house that this plant likes to be in, it is the bathroom because it grows in humid environments. The best place for your calat is next to a window with indirect light, preferably in the bathroom, but it works well in any other sunny area until you forget to water it. Spraying also contributes to the freshness and health of the plant.

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The Prayer Plant

The name of the prayer plant is taken from its leaves, which twist gently inwards every night, as if they were praying. It's a lovely reminder to spend time each night thinking about what you are grateful for. Give this plant to a friend to show them how much you appreciate them or put one of the windows in your bedroom every morning to greet you.

It is not difficult to maintain this plant, but it needs enough sunlight to bloom. When your prayer plant is happy, you will notice if spring comes and small flowers sprout. By sprinkling a little mist and making sure it does not dry out, you can keep your prayer plant thriving for years.

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