The Longevity of the Bridal Bouquet've just gotten married! The ceremony was perfect, and your vision came together, now what? You've loved all your bridal arrangements, your bouquet was perfect, so how can you relive the beauty of it every day?

Look no further than the preservation, pressing, and framing of the bridal bouquet!

What goes into the preservation of wedding blooms? A few notes:

  • Not all blooms can be preserved and pressed
  • Discoloration of the flowers may occur
  • The fresher the flowers, the better they'll be able to press

Preservation and pressing of wedding blooms is a lengthy and fragile process. The period of time from beginning to end can take around 2 months. During this time, the location of the pressing and atmosphere they are drying in can ultimately determine the quality of the press when it's done. Keep in mind, even if the best techniques and locations are used, flowers can still mold. This occurs based on the quality of the bloom after the wedding. Some questions to think about, did I do a bouquet toss? How long was it in the water during the reception? Was it in direct sunlight or excessive heat during the evening? 

All of these questions can ultimately determine what your pressed bouquet will look like when it's done.

What kind of frame is best for pressed bridal bouquets? We typically try to match the bridal bouquet to the frame that best captures the aesthetic of the blooms. For more rustic arrangements, we use a natural wood frame. For arrangements cleaner, and more simple, a thin metal frame showcases the blooms well.

When it comes to the sizing of the finalized product, that truly depends on the size of the bouquet to begin with, as well as the quality of the arrangement when we receive it. Referencing back to the above questions, the sooner we receive your bouquet following the wedding, the better the press will turn out.

What if you wanted to press and frame your bridal bouquet, but your blooms are too damaged or you didn't have time to begin the process after your wedding? Partnering with your florist, you can remake your bridal bouquet using fresh flowers and recreate the final look! While it won't be the blooms you used on your wedding day, you can still have the endless memory of the bouquet framed!


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