The Perks of Being a PRESERVED Wildflower

With summer officially hitting, the rise of preserved blooms ison the horizon! What exactly are the perks of being a preserved wildflower?

  • They're virtually unwiltable.
  • They stay perfect all year round.
  • They can be repurposed to multiple locations or vases

Who says flowers always have to die? Preservation and drying of the blooms essentially create an unending life span for the bouquet! Did you know that in Medieval Era England, preserving flowers was considered a sacred art? The drying of herbs and flowers were considered the job of medieval apothecaries who would use them to create medicine. In the modern era, we use dried blooms as beautiful decor; however, you can always use dried rose and lavender in tea!

What are some of the best flowers to preserve?

  • Strawflowers: once used as an ancient anti-inflammatory, strawflowers are among the most popular to dry due to their bright and colorful nature.
  • Thistle: a symbol of strength and pride, the thistle is a spiky and fun textural element to add.
  • Lavender: a natural stress reliever, dried lavender is a perfect addition to any bedside table.
  • Baby's Breath: the classic bridal bouquet filler, this symbol of everlasting love looks beautiful dried or pressed.
  • Marigold: this Spring to Fall bloom adds the perfect color element to any Summer bouquet!
  • Spiral Eucalyptus: not only aesthetically pleasing to hang in a shower, but once dried, eucalyptus can be made into tea.
What makes these blooms so wonderful and dry-friendly, is the texture they have alive. The papery the petal or leaf is, the better it will dry in a beautiful way. But remember, not all blooms are preservation-friendly! Some common flowers that are harder to preserve are:
  • Hydrangeas
  • Lisianthus
  • Daisies
  • Lilies
  • Sunflowers

Interested in drying your own blooms at home? We have some florist tips!

  1. Think 'bat' - they dry best hanging upside down!
  2. Remove all of their leaves and bunch them in small groups.
  3. Keep blooms out of sunlight and in a dry place, like a pantry or closet.

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