4 Plants That Will Love You Back

Step into our shop and you’ll find an array of lush green plants. Some are small and prickly, some are freckled, and others are wild and seemingly untamed. It’s hard not to love what you do when you’re surrounded by so much natural beauty! That brings us to this week’s blog post: plants that will love you back.

Did you know that it’s been scientifically proven that by surrounding yourself among plants you start to feel happier? It’s true! Having plants around especially in the workspace has been known to reduce stress and promote feelings of calm and peace. There’s never been a time when having houseplants has been more important than it is now.

With so many of us working from home or attending school remotely, it’s easy to not only feel stressed but also trapped. Having a plant friend around can help you feel more in tune with nature, so bring a little bit of the outdoors right to the kitchen counter, home office, cubicle, or wherever you’re working from these days. Below you’ll find our top four picks of plants that are easy to care for. Show them a little love and they’ll love you right back!


The Snake Plant

This stylish plant has been a popular choice for interior design and for obvious reasons. With its eye-catching color and spikey leaves, it’s a fantastic choice for beginners. This is one plant that will love you even if you accidentally neglect it which is perfect for anyone who lives a busy life. Indirect sunlight is best for them, however, they can also do well in low light conditions. This is great if you need that pop of nature and color in a room that is otherwise devoid of much light. As an added bonus the snake plant also cleans the air in your home. Yes, you heard that right! This beauty will remove toxins such as benzene and formaldehyde from the air.

Snag one for yourself or a friend here.

The Lime Green Pothos

Now this one is ideal for anyone who swears they don’t have a green thumb. Speaking of which, this is perhaps one of the most vibrantly green plants we have in the shop. It’s great on a shelf or hanging in a basket. It thrives in almost any environment and is rumored to be nearly impossible to kill, however, we still recommend not overwatering it and keeping its soil moist. It can flourish in less than ideal light conditions making it the perfect choice for a shelf because it will hang down.

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The Chinese Money Plant

A native to the Himalayas, the Chinese money plant is a favorite among beginners or for anyone looking for something truly unique since they are hard to come by. Its round leaves differentiate it from its other plant siblings, and it’s easy to care for making it a favorite of ours. Medium to bright indirect light is best, however, it can adapt to low light conditions if need be. Allowing it to dry out in between watering will keep it happy and like with any plant if the leaves are droopy it’s time for a drink.


The Rubber Plant

Ah, the rubber plant with its rich green leaves and easy-going nature, do I need to say more? If you’ve been looking for the perfect houseplant to put in that spot you just can’t seem to fill then look no further. Not only is the rubber plant easy to care for but you can manage its size rather easily by keeping it in a smaller container. If you wish for it to take up space and grow into more of a tree, then go up a size and over time it will grow to the appropriate size. Bright diffused light and frequent watering will make it very happy. It likes the heat so keep it cozy and away from any drafts.

A perfect choice! Get it here.


There you have it, friends. Our top four picks of indoor houseplants that with a little love will love you right back.

We have other plant friends and you can view them here. We are always getting new plants so if you don’t see anything that catches your eye reach out to us.

- The TEG Team

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