Three Hollywood Inspired Flower Arrangements For Valentine’s Day

Inspiration can come from anywhere and we like to think that every flower arrangement has a personality. This Valentine’s Day we sought inspiration from any avenue that brought us fresh ideas. Anything that resonated with our hearts, after all, floral design like any other art is closely tied with matters of the heart. And what better time than for Valentine’s Day to think on such matters? For these three Valentine’s Day arrangements, inspiration came from old Hollywood.

Hollywood Valentine's Arrangements

Though I’m happy to live in these much more modern times, I can’t help but admire the grace and elegance of the bygone Hollywood times. Whether it was in the way a starlet dressed on the big screen, or the graceful and confident way they portrayed their character’s, there is something undoubtedly beautiful there. In the real world beyond the big screen true beauty is much more spontaneous, wild, and not as rehearsed. There is perhaps no purer beauty than that found in nature, especially among flowers.

Some say you don’t need one day out of the whole year to send someone flowers and tell them how you feel, and while I completely agree, there is also no better time to send flowers than Valentine's Day!

The Grace Kelly: A Valentine's Arrangement From The Classics

The Grace Kelly arrangement was inspired by classic Hollywood and fairytales where happily ever after is always a guarantee. Hollywood has its real life princess with the Princess of Monaco herself, Grace Kelly, who was and still is to this day the epitome of grace (no pun intended) and elegance.

This Valentine’s arrangement features a soft color palette with quicksand roses, blush spray roses, and pink Lisianthus against the backdrop of blue delphiniums and burgundy snapdragons for drama. It reminded me so much of the ball scene in Cinderella where soft blues and pinks come together for a simply magical scene. The Grace Kelly arrangement is ideal for the fairytale lover in your life whether it’s a Disney obsessed gal or someone who to you is the definition of classic beauty.

You're So Golden: A Really Fun Valentine's Flower Arrangement

“I believe in pink,” are just some of the famous words spoken by Audrey Hepburn, Hollywood’s timeless darling. Pink has always been a popular among our clients for Valentine’s Day and we celebrate it in our You’re So Golden arrangement. The sheer joyous nature of pink and its vibrant personality makes pink such a perfect color no matter who you are sending to. Hepburn herself was a vibrant yet classic beauty and we hope you get the same sense from our You’re So Golden arrangement.

My personal favorite part of the You’re So Golden, is its whimsicalness and sheer fun that it exhibits. Its unapologetically pink and practically bursting with color, yet it’s just classically beautiful. There’s an elegance in its freeness and in the way each bloom seems to pop.

Monroe: Bold Glamour In This Flower Arrangement

Last, but certainly not the least, is our Monroe arrangement inspired by the starlet herself. Glamour and drama are the key characteristics of our Monroe with its collection of bold purple tulips among quicksand roses. We arranged this lovely in a gold and white container with a fun texture giving it an even more glamorous look for this Valentine’s Day.

Speaking of glamour, Marilyn Monroe was the height of glamour and star power so what better inspiration to pull from! Though it’s perhaps her raw inner beauty that was so often misunderstood and obscured by the public’s opinion that ultimately made her a true beauty. Just like in nature, flowers persevere and seek growth against all elements. That is something to be admired, the strength of sheer willpower to dream and push forward.


I hope this blog has helped you see where our inspiration sometimes comes from. We are often asked how we think of new ideas season after season, but the world is vast and full of beauty (to inspire other beauty)! Happy Valentine’s and Galentine’s Day, flower friends for all of us at The English Garden!

If you're in the Los Angeles area reach out to us for all your Valentine's Day floral needs!

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