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It used to be rare when we would get a couple who wanted bright, bold, and colorful wedding flowers, however, times have changed. Bright and colorful wedding florals have been all the rage since the pandemic. One could assume that the turbulence of the past two years has made people seek and embrace the cheerfulness that comes from color.

It's no secret that color plays an important role in influencing our emotions. In the business world, the colors that companies choose for their marketing is chosen carefully and methodically. For example, when marketing food red is a popular choice because it's known to induce feelings of hunger. Well its no different with flowers.

During the month of February, the color red becomes one of the most sought-after flower colors along with pink and now even purple. When it comes to weddings it used to be that palettes of all white or white with touches of blue, blush, or green were the norm. While we certainly still get couples requesting these palettes, there's been an increase in the number of couples desiring colorful and bright florals.

I think the reason for this stems from the pandemic. We've heard from many clients who have bought flowers for everyday occasions that they want colorful arrangements because they want something "cheerful". It seems fitting that after the horribleness of the pandemic people will gravitate towards color and anything that can give a feeling of happiness.

Recently, we had the privilege to create florals for a couple who surprised us when weeks before their wedding they changed directions. Rather than going with what they had originally planned which had been a palette of mainly whites and blues, they called us and said they wanted color. In the bride's words, "We're colorful people." They also went on to say that what they wanted most was a fun atmosphere for all their loved ones who would be attending.


Photographer: Lauren Cate

This rings similar to another bride we had who wanted colorful florals to further enhance a fun enviornment. This brings me back to the point that color in the floral world can express a lot and now more than ever the desire for color, for happy vibes, is in demand.

Purple, yellow, and blue in particular have been on the rise post-pandemic. This is said to be due to the uplifting and calming vibes that these colors create. Yellow is commonly perceived as a happy and cheerful color, blue has calming and serene feelings, while purple is a bit of both with its creative yet zen vibes. All three colors are prominent colors in the rainbow capturing the cool to warm shades wonderfully.

What if you want some color but don't necessarily want a rainbow of color? By choosing the right color(s) combined with neutral or soft tones, you can still get a burst of color without committing to all the colors of the rainbow.

Below are some color pairings that you may be interested in for your big day.

1. Yellow and Lavender 

The brightness of the yellow flowers is perfectly balanced with the soft lavender hues. We added a touch of green to further create harmony. The overall palette is joyful with the bursting yellow blooms yet calming with lavender and a touch of green. 


2. Blue and Pink


I love this color combination because it's bright but not overly since the pink flowers are balanced with the more subdued blue hues. If you're looking for color but aren't a fan of bright colors, then perhaps this may be the perfect pairing for you. 


3. Pink and Green

For all the pink lovers out there this one's for you. Dramatic and unique greens are paired here with bold pink blooms creating a romantic yet fun look. A monochromatic look is a great way to lean into lots of colors while keeping things harmonious. If you dare to go extra colorful and vibrant you can even add a pop of orange or yellow. Pink is one of those fabulous colors that go with anything. 


4. Peach and Blush 

This is a bridal bouquet we did for a lovely bride who wanted a soft, romantic look for her florals. We went with peach and blush as the main colors but mixed in touches of yellow along with deeper peach tones. The result is a stunning sunset-like palette. If you're a fan of softer tones such as pastels but want vibrancy, then I suggest a palette of soft blush tones with peach. It's both romantic yet colorful.  

While colorful flowers may be trending, I want to stress that in the end what is truly important when considering flowers for your wedding is to go with what resonates best with you and your partner. Like our rainbow bride said, "We're colorful people." Choose the color palette and aesthetic that best suits you regardless of what is trending. 


Looking for more color inspiration? Check out our wedding page for more photos of some of the work we've done. You'll find a mix of various palettes, moods, and ideas for your wedding flowers.  

Want to chat about flowers for your wedding or special event? We'd be happy to talk flowers. Email us at for more information and to get a quote. 


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