Truth: Flowers Make People Happy

Never has the world been more uncertain than in these past few years, let alone this last week. Sometimes, the world can get so dark and feel so small that it nearly sends you into a panic, or maybe it does. Maybe, it wins and you lose yourself amid a barrage of negative thoughts all fueled by fear and uncertainty.

“Uplifting.” This is the single most frequent word that we hear when we ask a client how they would like their flowers to look. Often times they are ordering for someone who just lost a loved one, or perhaps the recipient is simply having a bad day, but whatever the occasion is the sentiment is always the same.

What is it about flowers that draws us to them? Perhaps it’s the connection to nature that we crave? Or maybe they remind us of simpler, more youthful times, when the world felt safe. Whichever way you look at it, flowers have the power to retrieve our minds from the darkness and back into the light.

Studies have shown that simply receiving flowers can boost the feel good chemicals in the brain because our brains are wired to perceive flowers as a positive force. Flowers connect us to nature which can be much needed especially in today’s high tech world. Simply being around flowers can promote a sense of peace, helping us unplug and tune in to ourselves. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in our fast moving world especially with it at our fingertips, that our over stimulated minds crave nature.

In 2020, during the height of the pandemic we saw a surge in orders that’s continued to grow. It suddenly became more important than ever to send flowers even if there was no occasion. We’ve seen an increase in encouragement and “just because” orders with bright colors being requested. It’s been proven that colors play a large part in how we feel. Simply surrounding oneself around bright colors such as orange, pink, and yellow have been shown to lift one’s mood.

As we dream up new arrangements for the soon to be released, spring collection, we take into account what makes people happy such as color. While we still love creating with neutral tones, we absolutely love designing with lots of color. It’s always a joy to play with different colored flowers and textures to create something that is truly a work of nature.

Most of all, we hope that every arrangement (and plant) that goes out our door brings joy and spreads good, positive vibes. This is, after all, one of the reasons why we love what we do.

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