3 Very Unique Flowers for Your Fall Arrangements

Every season brings about its own flavor of unique flowers, but our favorite season of all is fall and all the wonderful blooms it brings. Even though fall has not officially begun, September is here and so are new fresh flowers.

One of the most fun parts about working with flowers is getting to play with new flowers that before were either unavailable or did not fit the aesthetic of the season. It's a way of welcoming and embracing the new time of the year which always leaves us in awe of the beauty of nature. Sometimes we marvel at how nature can compose such stunning combinations of color and texture. Each flower is truly a work of art in its own right.


1. Brain Celosia (pictured above)

Speaking of color and texture, this very unique bloom known as the brain celosia, a type of cockscomb, is our favorite this fall. Each head is a compact shape of squiggly-looking petals that are sturdy making them hardy flowers for any project. They are fuzzy to the touch making them irresistible to brush your finger on and as a bonus, they dry excellently.

For preservation purposes they are a dream since they don't change in appearance when dried nor do they lose their color. They remain sturdy when dried so you can easily use them in crafts such as wreaths or you can plop them in a bud vase to enjoy.

This type of cockscomb comes in vivid colors from bright yellow, fuchsia, orange, red, and light pink. There are also some featuring splashes of secondary colors such as the one pictured above with yellow and fuchsia. We even had one where precisely one half was yellow and the other fuchsia!

The next time you send flowers make sure you check out the It's Fall Y'all arrangement, a new addition to our fresh flower collection. This arrangement features heads of red brain celosia.

Tip: We recommend drying these before they expire and saving them along with the dried orange slices included in the arrangement. If you're into crafts you can easily use them in your next floral project.


2. Scabiosa (dark purple below)

Scabiosa has been around since much earlier in the year, however, we love playing with them in fall arrangements. They have a curious look to them with a top-heavy head full of tiny blooms atop a thick ring of larger petals. This may be what gives them their name as the pincushion flower.

We've used scabiosa here and there throughout our past arrangements, but with fall creeping up you can expect to see them in more of our arrangements. Some of the colors they come in are perfect for moody or jewel-toned palettes which are most requested in fall.

There are shades of purple scabiosa that are so dark they almost look black. You can find this shade in the Luna arrangement where we included a few scabiosa arranged to peek out among the predominantly light palette of roses and lisianthus.

Among the fall collection, you can also find scabiosa used in the Hocus Pocus arrangement, however, you can always request them for any arrangement. We love using scabiosa when we want a quirky and unusual touch. They have a wonderful wildflower look making them ideal for our signature style which is organic and garden-inspired.

3. Amaranthus

You may have seen the faux kind of amaranthus at your local craft store, but you are in for a treat when you get the real thing. Amaranthus is perhaps one of the most unique types of flower you'll find this season. They come in a variety of colors but what we especially love is the way they add flair to any arrangement.

The Hocus Pocus arrangement, for example, features pink amaranthus peeking out from the bottom left corner of the arrangement. It adds to the overall pink palette of the arrangement while giving a contrasting texture among the smooth petals of the roses and dahlias. I think it's these little touches of something different and unexpected that makes a fall arrangement that much more special.

Amaranthus are the kinds of beauties that are difficult and maybe impossible to find at your local grocery stores, making them a surprise for anyone receiving them.

You can enjoy amaranthus fresh or dried since they preserve nicely, and you can even find dried versions of preserved amaranthus available in lots of colors. We prefer using jewel-toned and fall colors with one of our favorites being this lovely shade of burnt orange.

Why include unique flowers in your next fall arrangement? I think while most of us have our favorites, trying new and different types of flowers is a gift and a reminder of how vast nature is. It makes one appreciate nature and its ability to design utterly gorgeous and varied types of flowers. 

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