Unique Gifts for Father's Day

This Father's Day say thank you with a slice of nature such as one of our house plants or surprise them with flowers because dad's need flowers too! 

Here are a few Father's Day gift ideas if you're looking for something truly different. 

House Plants for Dad

At first thought a houseplant for dad may seem like it would be too much upkeep, but we can assure you that it all depends on what plant you go with. Perhaps your dad is an avid collector of plants and has a green thumb, or maybe they've never owned a plant before? Regardless of where their experience in the plant world is, there is sure to be a plant that they can appreciate. 

Among our easiest to care for plants are succulents and cacti. Known for their easy going nature and smaller size, these types of plants are incredibly low maintenance and come in a large variety. They can be potted together like in our Desert Dreamers trio which is one of our potted trio of plants that's an excellent choice if you have more than one person to buy for this Father's Day.

Another great choice is our Lime Green Pothos which is one of the easiest plants to care for. I have one at home and have left on long vacations only to come home to it being absolutely fine.


Order Dad the lime green pothos here.

Among its features is the way its vines trail down in a wild manner making it easy for dad to feel like he's in the wilderness. It's best on a shelf where it can continue to grow downwards (don't worry it doesn't grow that fast and it can be trimmed if need be). Its comes planted in a black container with a subtle texture giving the plant's lime green color an unreal intensity. Pair the lime green pothos with our Dinosaur Dad card and you're good to go! 

If you want a touch of flowers without getting dad a bouquet, then consider our potted succulents with orchid blooms such as the Metallica potted arrangement.


Order Dad the Metallica here.


The Metallica's name is derived from the metal container which makes a rustic statement with its ribbed texture. A variety of succulents are potted along with orchid cymbidium blooms which have been added for that special touch. This plant arrangement for dad is utterly unique. 

 Another great orchid for dad is the Woodland Orchid which comes in a faux wooden ceramic container and is planted with succulents and topped with moss. The orchid itself comes in a variety of colors and you can leave a note for any color preferences, plus its easy to care for requiring weekly watering and not much more. 

Order the Woodland Orchid for Dad here.


Flowers for Dad - Because Dad's Need Flowers Too! 

Shop the Cali arrangement here.

Who doesn't appreciate the beauty of fresh flowers delivered to their door? Fresh flower arrangements such as our Cali and Golden Oak are bursting with fresh seasonal flowers in unique containers from a glass mason jar to birch. What makes these two arrangements perfect gifts for father's day is that they come in less pastel colors and more vibrant and neutral tones. 

The Cali for example is very vibrant and can be customized to any color palette you desire. A few popular requests we've gotten are monochromatic in blue and a tropical color palette. Its also a smaller size making it perfect for any space ample or not.


Order the Golden Oak for Dad here. 

The Golden Oak will remind dad of strolling through the woods especially if he's an outdoor enthusiast. This flower arrangement comes in a birch container and has special touches like pampas grass. The soft blue of the delphiniums is both soothing to the eye and tranquil. Then theres textural elements such as the dark blue thistle that are different and give a rough texture against the lush blooms. Bright green hydrangea is center stage while pops of blush roses make an appearence to keep the arrangement from looking too dark. 

Be sure to check out our other fresh flower arrangements here. 



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