Valentine's Day Flower Trivia: Test Your Floral Knowledge

Here at The English Garden we're getting ready for Valentine's Day! Our design team has crafted a beautiful, contemporary and timeless collection of arrangements for delivery across Los Angeles and Ventura from our location in Westlake Village, CA. Alongside this floral design work we've also prepared a list of some of our favorite flower trivia, plus some special The English Garden arrangement trivia for you and your significant other to test your floral knowledge (and eye for arranging)!


Time For The English Garden’s Vday Flower Trivia

Get out a notebook and make your bets, who knows flowers best? Played over three rounds. You can find the answers at the bottom of this page. But no cheating!



Round 1: The World Of Valentine’s Day Flowers (And Plants)

The first round should be easy right? Let’s test how well you know Valentine’s flowers and their popularity.

Question A: What is the classic flower to send on Valentine’s Day in most countries?

  1. Tulips
  2. Lilies
  3. Roses
  4. Carnations

Question B: Which country differs from your answer in Question 1, out of those listed below?

  1. Denmark
  2. Turkey
  3. Australia
  4. South Africa

Question C: If the most popular color of rose is red (it is), which is the second most popular?

  1. Orange
  2. Pink
  3. Yellow
  4. Lavender

Question D: What percent of people in the United States send plants instead of flowers?

  1. 5%
  2. 20%
  3. 30%
  4. 50%


    Round 2: Harder Valentine's Day Flower Facts

    This round will test your broader flower knowedge for some of the most popular Valentine's blooms. Are you ready to get into the weeds?

    Question E: Tulip petals are edible, what do they taste like?

    1. Onions
    2. Arugula
    3. Lettuce
    4. Toothpaste

    Question F: Hydrangeas, a Valentine’s classic are blue when grown in acidic soil, what color are they when grown in high alkaline soil? 

    1. Green
    2. Pink
    3. White
    4. Dark Blue

    Question G: Which common Valentine's Day flower is toxic to cats?

    1. Lilies
    2. Roses
    3. Orchids
    4. Carnations

    Question H: Most flowers are sent to a spouse or significant other on Valentine's Day, what is the second most popular person for whom they're bought?

    1. For themselves
    2. Mother
    3. Father
    4. Sibling


    Round 3: Valentine’s Day Flower Shop Arrangements

    Let’s test your flower knowledge on a few of our new collection’s beautiful arrangements. Also, y’know, take some time and order one for your significant other if you’re in the Los Angeles area. We’re ready to help you celebrate vday in style!

    Question I: The Secret Admirer arrangment in our Valentine's Day collection has arrangment pictured below has roses, tulips, ranunculus, and amaranthus. What other flower is in this arrangement?

    1. Lisianthus
    2. Anemone
    3. Poppy
    4. Tulip

    Question J: Our Valentine's Day Heartthob arrangment pictured below has roses, tulips, ranunculus, and amaranthus. What other flower is in this arrangement?

    1. Snapdragon
    2. Delphinium
    3. Scabriosa
    4. Lisianthus

    Question K: How many different types of flowers are in our classic Valentine's Day the bouquet pictured below?

    1. One
    2. Two
    3. Three
    4. Four

    Question L: Last question! In our cute Rosy arrangment, what is the predominant kind of greenery used?

    1. Ruscus
    2. Leatherleaf
    3. Eucalyptus
    4. Dusty Miller


    That’s A Wrap, Flower Trivia Answers Below

    A very happy Valentine’s Day from our team here at The English Garden to you and yours. We’re open every day over the holiday if you need a floral touch! Find the answers below to our flower trivia questions.

    Question A: 3. Roses

    Question B: 2. Turkey (where it’s common to send a bouquet of tulips).

    Question C: 2. Pink

    Question D: 3. 30%

    Question E: 3. Lettuce

    Question F: 2. Pink (and even red).

    Question G: 1. Lilies (also Tulips, Hydrangea and more - check with a skilled florist like us for cat safe flower arrangements).

    Question H: 2. Mother

    Question J: 4. Tulip (flexed petals really change the way a tulip looks)!

    Question J: 1. Snapdragon

    Question K: 1. One (roses - three different varieties 'shimmer', 'quicksand' and 'country blue').

    Question L: 3. Eucalyptus ('baby blue' variety).

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