How Pantone's Color of the Year Inspired the Valentine's Day Collection

Red may be the most arguably romantic color on the planet so it’s no wonder why it’s one of our most requested colors for Valentine’s Day arrangements. From traditional red roses that seem to dominate every flower shop this time of year, to red ranunculus for a quirky yet still romantic touch, red is the staple color for Valentine’s Day. However, something that surprised us last year, as the world slowly returned to some new normalcy, was the increasing requests for purple flowers.

Valentine Pantone Purple

The color purple has been associated with different meaning such as luxury, wisdom, magic, bravery, etc. It’s even made Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2022 with the color, Very Peri, a gorgeous color composed of hues from the blue and violet families. According to Pantone, Very Peri, “Encourages personal inventiveness and creativity.” Something that they say was influenced by the transformation our lives have taken and are still undergoing as we migrate this new year post pandemic. Whether you plan on sending fresh flowers, preserved flowers, or a plant – we got you covered.

We Love Purple Plants Too

For the valentine who loves plants we have this gorgeous new addition to our shop, the Kokedama styled, oxalis plant. Kokedama is the Japanese art of wrapping plants in moss rather than the usual way of planting them in a pot. We think this adds a uniquely beautiful way to grow plants giving them a zen look.

To care for the oxalis plant its best to keep it in bright indirect sunlight and water once or every other week. Rule of thumb is to let the soil dry out between watering to avoid root rot. To water this Kokedama styled plant, simply place in shallow water for five minutes, then remove and place back on its decorative basket.

The oxalis plant is deep purple making it a great choice for an all purple plant. We think the moss and decorative basket it sits on gives it a very tranquil appearance. It would do well in a space where your Valentine wants a little a peace.

Is Purple A Valentine's Day Color?

Even though Valentine's Day is traditionally thought of as only red, modern arrangements come in all colors. Pink, Peach, Blue and you guessed it, Purple! If you prefer something with fresh flowers we have two new arrangements, the Love You Three Thousand and the Darlin’, both of which feature pops of purple. The Love You Three Thousand is an eye-catching mix of bright red and purple flowers against the contrast of a black rectangular container. This arrangement is composed of premium flowers and gives a definite wow factor.

The Darlin’ arrangement on the other hand, is circular in shape and features various shades of purple and pink. Tropical leaves are bent and shaped for added flair giving it a more modern look. This arrangement is ideal for anyone who wants something traditional but with modern touches.

Valentine's Day Colors In Dried Flowers

We will never stop raving over preserved flowers and their easiness especially when clients ask us for something low maintenance. The Lavenda is an all purple arrangement composed entirely of dried flowers such as hydrangea. It’s a generous size and looks stunning from every angle making it ideal for just about anywhere. The best part is that because it’s entirely made with preserved flowers, it needs no water. This is one rare case where we say never water! Dired flowers come in all colors including purple and make for a perfect gift that's long lasting.


We hope this Valentine’s Day you are inspired to try a different color for your flowers (or plant) and that you’ll find that perfect gift for your valentine. Check out our shop if you're in the Los Angeles area!

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