Wedding in Review: Colorful & Whimsical!

When we first met the lovely couple, they emphasized that above all they wanted their wedding to be one thing: FUN. They were enthusiastic about creating an atmosphere where their guests would have fun and we all know how flowers can create a mood. Naturally, the couple decided on a flower vibe that was colorful, whimsical, and a little wild. 

Leaving the rest up to us we thrived in the creative freedom creating for what we can say was one of the most fun weddings we've had the pleasure creating for. 

the bridal bouquet


For the personals, we had fun with the freedom we had to choose the best flowers for this style. I can't emphasize enough how important deciding the style you want for your event is. This does wonders for helping us determine the types of flowers to best create the vibe. Our couple loved a wildflower look so we went with blooms that together would give the look as if we had just strolled among flowers and hand picked them without much thought. 

One would think that it would be rather easy to arrange in a wild and organic way, however, much like in the art world, random is not easy. Deciding which bloom should go where and ensuring that the colors chosen go well together requires an artistic eye. 

Among the flowers chosen for the task were butterfuly ranunculus, feverfew, poppies, scabiosa, roses, and many more but these were the stars of the show. Quicksand roses gave a touch of elegance and some neutral tones to the otherwise colorful palette giving needed contrast to the bride's bouquet. We chose butterfly ranuculus because of the vibrant colors they come in and for their size they packed just the right amount of impact. One of our all time favorite flowers, poppies, were sprinkled in to emphasize the wildflower feel along with feverfew. Scabiosa provided extra textural elements and a touch of whimsy. Let's just say there was a lot of fun had at the flower market when choosing these beauties! 

Before the party began, the couple exchanged vows under the arch that featured two cluster arrangements. 

cluster arrangements on the arch
Cluster pieces are a lovely alternative to the more traditional route of having flowers go along the top of the arch and is more cost efficient than covering the entire arch. We design the cluster arrangements at the venue the day of the wedding ensuring that the flowers will be fresh for the ceremony even on a sunny spring day. 
a close up of one of the cluster arrangements

We had pops of statement blooms such as roses, lisianthus, butterfly ranunculus, and stock along with smaller blooms such as feverfew. For the greenery we incorporated feather eucalyptus to add some movement.

Now for the party!

the sweetheart table

Keeping in mind that the couple wanted their wedding to be fun, we created centerpieces in a loose and whimsical manner. The sweetheart table arrangement was in a rectangular glass container (glass was chosen to have more of the budget go towards the flowers and for the emphasis to be on the colorful blooms) and was packed with spring flowers.

We included tulips that we flexed to reveal deep orange and yellow centers which really heightened the vibrancy. Soft lavender hued lisianthus peeked through adding a delicate touch and because why not when they are this gorgeous?! 

reception table centerpiece

The rest of the centerpieces mirrored this look and were in cylinder glass containers. Quick tip, glass is not only budget friendly but also won't distract from the flowers especially when you have colorful blooms. 

Last but not least, we created a special flower collar for the bride's horse. When we heard there was going to be a horse at the wedding we couldn't help ourselves. It made for a lovely surprise for the couple and warmed our hearts when we saw this picture. 


a pure beauty

Flowers can have such an impact when it comes to events and we love creating for what are some of the most special and memorable days in our client's lives. We hope to do more colorful and whimsical weddings! 

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Venue: Maravilla Gardens 

Photographer: Kelyn, at Sunshineshinesista photography

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