What to Send Someone for Valentine's Day Who You Just Started Dating

Valentine's Day can be tricky to navigate when you've just started a new relationship. Perhaps you have an inkling that they are expecting a gift or maybe they've stayed silent on the most romantic holiday of the year. You dread not getting them anything especially if it turns out they were expecting something, but you don't want to give off the wrong vibe with the wrong gift. While any gift should be appreciated, there is no denying that this time of year can be stressful for new relationships.

Being a florist we obviously advocate for the gift of fresh flowers but even that comes with its own set of questions:

  • Should you stay traditional and stick with roses?
  • What color flowers do you send?
  • What are other options for anyone with flower allergies or for those who don't want flowers?

As with all things flowers, getting the help of a professional florist is always recommended but let's tackle a few of these questions below.

1. Should You Stick To Roses If You Just Started Dating?

Roses have been long revered to be the most romantic flower on earth and they've rightfully cemented their status as the go-to flower for Valentine's Day. People love roses so much that it's estimated that around 250 million roses are grown each year just for Valentine's Day! Yet despite this staggering number of roses, particularly red roses, always sell out by Valentine's Day. Our recommendation if you are set on roses is to pre-order with us or your local florist.

Is A Traditonal Gift Right?

Whether or not you should stick with roses boils down to whether you consider yourself and your loved one a traditional when it comes to the holiday. While we definitely have seen an increase in other flowers for Valentine's Day such as anemones, ranunculus, and tulips, roses are truly for the traditional Valentine's Day observer. They are classic and never go out of style. It's best to consider if your valentine is someone whose style is classic because chances are they may prefer a classic red or even pink rose. If they are someone who loves the unusual and unique, then perhaps roses are too standard.

If you are still unsure then we suggest skipping over arrangements that feature only roses such as our Forever and Always and Juliet arrangements. Instead, consider an arrangement with a touch of roses that primarily features a mix of other flowers. Our Sweetheart arrangement is a great example for a small Valentine's Day arrangement. It is budget-friendly and features a pop of red roses, but also includes pink lisianthus and stock, as well as tulips.

2. For Forals What Color Flowers Do You Send? Red?

If romance has a color it is definitely red. Red is not only passionate but utterly romantic, however, this may be a color you want to avoid if you just started dating someone. Depending on your feelings and your overall relationship, perhaps you and your partner are taking things slow, in which case we recommend choosing a different color for your flowers.

Color Alternatives That Are Perfect For Valentine's Day

Other color alternatives to red for Valentine's Day are pink, yellow, purple, and blue. Pink is ideal for new relationships because of its flirty and fun without the passion and intensity of red. Purple is also a great choice if your significant other isn't a pink fan and you want a flower that is deep in color but that isn't red. Yellow is ideal among friends and very new relationships, and blue is for that person who appreciates something really different.

The arrangement we recommend if you wish a palette that features no red and isn't all pink, is the Valentine's Day Designer's Choice. Just be sure to leave us a note under special instructions at the checkout indicating what colors you prefer.

3. Non-Floral Valentine's Day Gifts For Someone You Just Started Dating

This year we have expanded on our non-floral and non-fresh flower Valentine's Day gifts. We have everything from orchids and house plants, but we have an ultimate recommendation...

Gift Boxes Offer Ultimate Flexibilty

Gift boxes can feature handcrafted spa related gifts such as bath bombs and artfully designed soap bars. All our gift box items for example are purchased from small businesses (such as ours) and are lovingly made in small batches. Gift boxes offer you the ultimate flexibility to customize. What does the person you just started dating like? Include a selection of cute small items for them. It'll go down well!

Small Plants Make Great Gifts

If your valentine is a plant lover we have you covered! Everything from unique house plants such as the spotted begonia and prayer plant to cacti is available for Valentine's Day. Our favorite for Valentine's Day is the heart succulent plant because not only is it naturally shaped like a heart, but we also design it with dried strawflowers and other touches. It's a great Valentine's Day gift that is not only budget-friendly but can easily be a complete gift with the addition of one of our Valentine's Day greeting cards such as this one and bonus points if you add some chocolate. Plants are a wonderful, often long lasting gift for this holiday.


We hope that you have a clearer idea of what to get your valentine this year. There are many options to choose from and things to consider, but ultimately we always say to go with your gut. On a side note, we recommend pre-ordering before the day as many small businesses get VERY BUSY. We'd hate for you to miss out so don't delay!

If you're in Los Angeles area, see our entire Valentine's Day collection here.

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