How to Wear Flowers (Your Pets Can Too!)

Ever wonder what brought people to plucking flowers from the earth and wearing them? Adorning oneself with flowers for special occasions whether it's a lei on your graduation day, corsages for weddings and proms, or even for just the beauty of it, we love wearing flowers! 

The simple answer is that flowers are just so beautiful that we can't help but include them in our lives, especially on special occasions. Then there's the ancient belief that goes way back that flowers worn warded off evil spirits. There's also word that flowers such as bridal bouquets were used back then to mask any body odor since hygiene was not like it is today. 

While times have changed and hygiene has gotten better (thank goodness), today we still use flowers as accessories for weddings, graduations, baby showers, photoshoots, etc for the simple sake of having nature's beauty with us. 

Did you know that besides flower arrangements we also make wearable flowers? And that we've sold many for occasions other than weddings and prom? We've made countless birthday corsages, baby shower floral crowns, and so much more. 


Here are wearable flower items we make and something for your pets too!

1. Dried Flower Comb 

An effortless way to wear flowers in your hair besides committing to a crown is with one of our dried flower combs. We adhere dried flowers to a hair comb that can be easily slid into your hair regardless of hairstyle. 

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This one, in particular, was created around a friend's upcoming wedding which features a soft palette of pink, dusty blue, and neutral tones. The bride isn't sure if she'll wear a veil or how she'll style her hair, so as an additional gift we created this bridal hair comb. 

We used all dried elements such as bleached Italian ruscus, hydrangea, and other textural elements to build a full base. Small daisy-like flowers in a mix of off-white and pink were added in and finishing touches such as dusty blue bunny tails finished it off. The result is a full floral hair comb with contrasting textures which really builds the drama and flair. 

The bride can easily wear this comb regardless of how she chooses to style her hair and the best part is that since the entire thing is created with dried flowers, this is a keepsake that she can cherish for years to come.  


2. Fresh Flower Crown 

Maybe you want more flair than a floral hair comb can provide? Or perhaps you've always wanted to wear a crown and why shouldn't you? 

Our flower crowns come in three options minimalist/simple, full, and dried. Starting with a minimalist crown, you can expect a crown made of fewer flowers than a full crown, along with some greenery unless you request something specific. 

Recently we had the pleasure of creating a crown composed of all babies breath for a mom-to-be to wear to her baby shower. Crowns with dainty flowers such as babies breath create an airy feel.

Here's an example of a crown we created for an elopement. The bride wanted something inspired but not a copy of the crown worn by the character, Jenny, in Forest Gump


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Jenny's crown is made of mostly greenery and is simplistic in style. Pops of flowers in white and lavender can be seen in her crown, however, the client preferred to stick to an all-white and green palette. We added pops of white flowers along with textural elements in green. 

There is an elegance to a simple palette of white and green, however, I myself am a huge fan of color so I was very excited when we had a lovely bride that wanted a Frida Kahlo inspired crown. 

Besides having created stunning and deeply personal works of art, Kahlo was known for wearing flowers in her hair from smaller clusters of flowers to large blooms that towered in her hair. Our client was very inspired by Kahlo's floral crowns that she chose to wear a Frida Kahlo inspired flower crown on her wedding day. 

Here's a peek at the floral inspiration board we sent her to give her an idea of the types of flowers we were planning on using. Her palette was a mix of warm tones from orange, red, yellow, and peach. She also wanted a full crown for herself and side crowns for her bridal party. 

Since the bridal crown needed to be lush to get that full look, it was important that we chose flowers that had different textures and sizes. We also had to consider flowers that were sturdy and would last through the wedding day. Ultimately, we decided upon marigolds, ranunculus, carnations, spray roses, and chrysanthemums among other blooms. 

Here's a snapshot of the end result. A full flower, beautiful crown for an equally beautiful bride.  

 Photographer: Jasmine Ruiz | Check out our wedding flowers gallery here 


Bonus! Your Pet Can Wear Flowers Too! 

Did you know that we now make custom pet collars too? We are so excited to announce that we now offer pet collars that feature your choice of fresh or dried flowers in the color palette of your choice! 

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Each collar is created with ribbon as the base which makes it adjustable since you just tie on the collar. Adhered are flowers and other fun elements such as the yellow billy balls in the photo above. Shadow, our adorable little doggy mannequin, is sporting one of our dried flower collars in a summer palette. 


Check out Penny the pug wearing a fresh flower collar featuring a more sophisticated, ethereal collar perfectly fit for a special event. She looks like she's ready to have all eyes on her as she strikes a pose in the shop, tongue out with major cuteness. Speaking of Penny, she would like to give you $5 off your purchase of a pet flower crown. Use code PuppyLove at checkout to save $5 off one pet flower crown. Offer active until the end of this month!

Our shop manager, Penny the pug. :-)

The pet collars are ideal for dogs, cats, and other four-legged friends such as horses. We even did horse collar for a wedding we did back in April and just look at how dreamy it came together! 

 Photographer: Kelyn at Sunshine Sista Photography |
Check out our wedding flowers gallery here

We offer same-day delivery to cities such as Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Calabasas, Moorpark, Malibu, Simi Valley, Oxnard, Ventura, Camarillo, and more. 



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