Why & How You Can Sign-Up for a Flower Subscription

In a world of junk mail, Amazon boxes, and countless door to door solicitors, imagine opening your door to the sight of beautifully cut flowers. You don’t even need an occasion but here are three reasons you should consider gifting yourself a flower subscription. 

1. An Opportunity to Embrace Each Season

Each season brings newly grown, seasonal flowers from poppies in the spring to amaryllis in the winter, ensuring that you’ll enjoy a slice of nature in every season. You can even request specific flowers and a color palette. For example, for an October arrangement we can do anything from a Day of the Dead themed arrangement to one that encompasses the spirit of Halloween. You can choose how closely to certain holidays you’d like your arrangements to be styled and we’ll happily do that.

2. Promotes Self-Care

While some may shy away from buying themselves flowers because it may seem out of the norm, since the pandemic hit there’s been an increase in people buying themselves flowers. Nowadays we see more clients purchasing flowers for themselves sometimes just because and other times to simply lift their mood. I think this says something positive about ourselves when we are willing to take the time to indulge a little for ourselves. Too often it can be easy to get lost in taking care of others that we forget to take care of ourselves.

3. Arranged For Your Space

If there is a particular area where you would like to showcase your flowers we can customize your arrangement to go with that space. Whether you plan on having your flowers on a coffee table or countertop, we create with your space in mind. Maybe you want something colorful to go with your vibrant décor? Or perhaps you’re a minimalist? Regardless of what home décor style you have, we can create the perfect arrangement for that space. This is something that sets our flower subscriptions apart is that they are totally customizable.

If you are wondering how to start your own subscription then you will want to head over to our subscription page where you can choose from two flower subscriptions. The Classic Bouquet subscription is perfect if you are on a budget and want all of it to go towards the flowers. This is also idea for anyone who already has a vase handy and would rather use their own.

The second option is our Premiere Arrangement subscription plan. This plan features flowers arranged in a specially curated container which means that with every arrangement delivered you are sure to get a container that was picked especially for you. If the idea of accumulating an excess of containers troubles you, we can always pick up the container once the flowers have died and do the same for the subsequent arrangements. This way the budget will always go towards the flowers only unless you decide to keep your container.

There is so much freedom and flexibility with our subscription plans that we made it easy for you to pause or cancel anytime. You can even request a specific length of time for your subscription making it an ideal gift for a birthday month. Imagine the gift of flowers all month long, once a week, for your birthday!

As always, any questions or for more information you can contact us.  

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