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Not sure what to send or even what color palette they would like? Personally, I always tend to gravitate towards orange and pink colored flowers. There’s something so joyful and magnetic about those colors that draws me to them and it’s no secret that color affects how one feels. From a vibrant orange poppy to a bright pink ranunculus, the flower world practically explodes with color, especially this time of year. If you’re having trouble figuring out which arrangement to send or perhaps you’re stuck at what colors to request in your designer’s choice, then hopefully this handy little guide helps you.

To Encourage 

It’s a truly sweet gesture to send flowers to lift someone’s mood especially in difficult times. This is perhaps when color choice is most important. It’s been shown that the color pink induces feelings of warmth and exudes kindness. In the flower world pink can range from an intense fuchsia color to a soft baby pink. Whichever shade you choose you are bound to make a positive impact on whoever you are sending flowers to.  

Want a mix of pink? Check out our popular Pixie Dust arrangement. Pixie Dust is an all pink arrangement in hues of soft and vibrant pinks, but nothing too intense. It comes in a glass container and is on the small-ish/medium size which is perfect for someone with little table space.

Our fabulously pink Pixie Dust arrangement.


To Send Condolences 

Perhaps one of the most difficult times in someone’s life is losing a loved one. Sending sympathy flowers is a popular reason mainly for the comfort that nature brings reminding us of the beauty of life. We recommend that if you are unsure of what color to send for your flowers, that you go with white and greenery. As simple as it may sound, white flowers with greenery is perhaps one of the most harmonious palettes for flower arrangements. Not only is it peaceful, but white has been known to symbolize goodness and hope.

No other arrangement of ours best encompasses this peaceful vibe than our Serenity arrangement. The name speaks for itself because it is indeed one of our most serene and peaceful arrangements. Featuring white blooms such as chrysanthemums, hydrangea, roses, lisianthus, and alstroemeria, what makes it even more special are the white orchids included.

Our Serenity arrangement.

Arranged in a glass vase to better showcase the green stems of the flowers, the very look of Serenity is comforting to the eye.

For Something Romantic 

Arguably the most romantic flower, red roses are the epitome of romance and this has a lot do with the gorgeous deep shade of red they come in. While some fast food chains may use red to heighten one’s sense of hunger, we like to use red, especially red roses, when designing for a romantic occasion.

Pictured is our premium red roses.
Pictured is our premium red roses. 

Over Valentine’s Day we quickly sold out of red roses just on pre-orders alone! And it’s no wonder, when red roses symbolize love and romance. There’s something bold yet simple about red roses, or any red flower for that matter. The eye is instantly drawn but not overwhelmed.

Don’t want roses? You can also get red in ranunculus, anemones, and tulips, while shades of burgundy can be found in snapdragons and orchids. You can even get a touch of red to any arrangement to add that touch of red without it being too red.

To Say, "Happy Birthday!"

Wish them a happy birthday with almost any color in the flower world! From sunshine yellows to soft pinks, you can really go with any color for a birthday. Our favorite? A mix of vibrant colors that together really pack a mood booster.

Pictured is our Here Comes The Sun preserved arrangement.

And if you are looking for a flower arrangement that they can cherish for years, then you may want to consider our preserved flower arrangement, Here Comes The Sun. Featuring an array of colorful preserved flowers, some of which we preserved ourselves, this preserved flower arrangement is the perfect size for nearly any space and is very cheerful.

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