Birthday Flowers For The Aquarius Sign

Let’s talk Astrology and flowers again. We've already covered signs like Leo but today let's look at Aquarius. Whether or not you personally believe in the Zodiac, it's always fun to see how much rings true. Its Aquarius season, and Pluto just traveled into this sign alongside the Sun, where it will remain for 21 years (That’s a BIG deal)!


Let's Start With Some Aquarius 101

Aquarius Season: January 21st – Feb 18th.

Element: Air. Often confused with water, as Aquarians are the water bearers of the Zodiac. Air signs rule the mind.

Symbol: Water bearer.

Planetary Ruler: Uranus.

House Ruler: 11th.

Gem Stone: Amethyst.

Modality: Fixed (the doers of the Zodiac) they are also known as “stabilizers,” because they have a grounding and constant energy along with firmly held beliefs.


Aquarius Energy Informs Their Flowers

Some words to describe the Aquarius energy are, free-spirited, eccentric, independent, charismatic, restless, exotic, humanitarian, intellectual thinkers, unique, aloof, creative, innovative, and rebellious. These unicorns beat to their own drum!

Aquarians ruling planet of Uranus is the planet of sudden and unexpected changes. It rules freedom, innovation, originality and technology. In society, it rules radical ideas and people, as well as revolutionary events that shake up established structures. Aquarians want to revolt and change the status quo, they have strong roots in friendship and community. Aquarians are the humanitarians that want to make our world a better place. Although they come off quiet or shy, Aquarius is highly energetic and quirky. All of these qualities inform what birth flowers are commonly associated with Aquarians.

Aquarius Birth Flower According To The Zodiac

When you think of flowers that would symbolize Aquarius, think flowers that stand out in a crowd. Bright, bold and anything but traditional. Aquarian florals want to let you know their here in eye catching ways, period. The classic Aquarius birth flower is the orchid for these reasons, however there are others that also match this air sign well. Examples would be bird of paradise, iris, gladiola, and lavender. We're going to cover the three most popular below, each making the perfect gift for an Aquarian in your life!


1. Orchids: Beautiful, Unconfined, Perfect Flower For Aquarius

The Orchid is the original Aquarius Zodiac flower. Think of the varieties of Orchids, so individualistic with their intricate petals and unique colors. Some have spots and speckles, some have veins running through them, some are an ombre of colors, some are a full stem of beautiful dancing blooms that catch your eye, and some are just one single magnificent bloom like the Lady Slipper. They grow sideways and upside down, attached to trees and rocks unrooted in soil. Orchids do their own thing and don’t require much taking care of. You can see why they fit this sign.

An Aquarius floral design does not want confinement. Literal roots exposed. It’s bright and punchy, unique and exotic. A rainbow of colors…or maybe just one stem of everything vibrant and shiny it sees. This arrangement perfectly depicts the unique Aquarians energy in an iridescent vase that catches all the colors of light. Exposed roots, cause it doesn’t want to be confined in that vessel. Vibrant phalaenopsis orchids and punchy contrasting iris blooms. With touches of lime green lichen moss and a swoosh of some dried orange palms for flair. Stand tall and proud you Aquarius unicorns….it’s your season to sparkle and shine!


2. Lavender: Embracing The Calm Zodiac

Lavender is another floral match for an Aquarius. Symbolizing calmness, purity and peace, this flower fits with the humanitarian intellectual side of a person born under the Aquarius Zodiac. Lavender speaks to the quieter side of this sign, and aligns with their ability to be intuitive to the needs of those around them. It's subtle and soft, yet powerful. There's a presence to this flower when used in arrangements.


3. Bird Of Paradise: The Unique Aquarius Birth Flower

Our third Aquarius birth flower is the bird of paradise. Symbolizing freedom, creativity, paradise and happiness this flower matches the free-spirited, unique and creative side of every Aquarian. The bird of paradise is a South Africa native flower and is stunningly beautiful, almost like it wants to make its mark on the world known like every Aquarius. It celebrates this sign's bright bold and exotic side. In flower arranging the bird of paradise is often the focal point, it demands attention, admiration and respect.


Flowers For The Water Bearer Aquarius

As always, we love covering birthday flowers! This time for the water bearer of the zodiac, the Aquarius! Orchids, Lavender and Birds Of Paradise make for a great fit, and make for great gifts or gift motifs. Stay tuned to our blog for more birth flowers for all signs in the Zodiac.

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