Flower & Plant Subscriptions


Bringing the Beauty of Seasons to Flower & Plant Lovers

Our enchanting flower & plant subscriptions bring the beauty of nature right to your doorstep. With the freedom to choose your own delivery frequency, you can tailor the service to perfectly suit your needs. Whether you'd like fresh flowers every two weeks or once a month, we've got you covered. Our goal is to make it easy and convenient for you to enjoy the beauty of seasonal flowers in your home. Our flower whisperers carefully curate each arrangement, selecting only the most gorgeous and vibrant blooms to create a unique and delightful experience every time. Let us brighten up your life with a touch of magic and whimsy!


  • An Opportunity to Embrace Each Season: Each season brings newly grown, seasonal flowers from poppies in the spring to amaryllis in the winter, ensuring that you’ll enjoy a slice of nature in every season.

  • Promotes Self-Care: While some may shy away from buying themselves flowers, nowadays we see more clients purchasing flowers for themselves because it lifts their mood and can promote health and wellness

  • Arranged For Your Space: If there is a particular area where you would like to showcase your flowers we can customize your arrangement to go with that space. Whether you plan on having your flowers on a coffee table or countertop, we design with your space in mind. Maybe you want something colorful to go with your vibrant décor? Or perhaps you’re a minimalist? Regardless of what home décor style you have, we can create the perfect arrangement for that space

  • The Best Value: With our floral subscription you’re only paying for the beautiful blooms you receive, not the containers they come in. Each time we take back any old containers so you don’t get stuck with too many of them! It’s the best value way to have seasonal flowers in your home year-round. 

How it works

  1. You choose the frequency. Want an arrangement each month? Each week? Just let us know!

  2. We send you either a fresh bouquet, lush plant or flower arrangement depending on your subscription type.

  3. For flower arrangements, each time we deliver we take back any old containers so you don’t get stuck with them. This also means you’re only paying for seasonal flowers, not the containers. It’s great value.

  4. For flower arrangements and bouquets we customize them to match your personal preferences and seasonal holidays; start of spring to spooky halloween.

  5. 🌸🌿🏠

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