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Succulent Harvest

Succulent Harvest

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A charming collection of succulents ready to be put on display. Succulents are easy to care for and come in a large variety. Here we have included some of our favorites and arranged them harmoniously in a nice ribbed ceramic container, topped off with special lava stones.

Ease: Perfect for beginners 

Light needs: Bright indirect light is best but can be happy in less than bright lighting. 

Watering: Allow to dry out between waterings and don't water too frequently.  

Size: 11" x 9" | May vary slightly due to each succulent being unique. 

Why we love succulents: We've seen them thrive even with little attention. They are not demanding and generally very easy to care for making them perfect for anyone who prefers low maintenance plants. 

Occasion: Hostess gift, birthday, thank you, new home, feel better, and just because. 

Looking for a specific plant we don't have? Call our shop and we will be happy to source what you are looking for!


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