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Succulent Trio Bowl

Succulent Trio Bowl

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A black textured bowl potted with three unique succulents and topped off with pebbles. 

Please note that we carry a variety of succulents and the type of succulents you receive might vary based and availability and season.

Size: Roughly 6" in diameter 

Care: Very easy to care for even for the inexperienced plant parent. 

Watering Needs: Once a week at most, however, succulents tend to be forgiving if you skip a week. 

Light: Moderate indirect light is best. Never indirect or else it will burn the plant. 

Occasion: Mother's Day, anniversary, birthday, thank you, sympathy, housewarming, and thinking of you. 

Looking for a specific plant we don't have? Call our shop and we will be happy to source what you are looking for! 


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